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31 December 2011 @ 08:22 pm
December 31st (New Years Eve)  
Gift: Drabble
Fandom: Three Caballeros
Rating: G
Note: Sorry this is late! I just got home and looked at the clock...and well I hope that it's not to late...

To say that the crowd outside Cinderella’s castle was massive was an understatement. Donald must have tripped on a hundred feet and knocked into a thousand bodies before he managed to make it through the sea of people. But it was good to be an insider sometimes, because while all the tourists were down on the ground waiting for the New Years, Donald had the best seat in the house. This was a good thing of course because if Donald had stayed in that mob scene any longer, he might have just lost his mind. One elevator ride later and Donald was in the Cinderella suit. Out on the balcony, he could see Jose and Panchito waiting for him.

                “Alright then,” Donald said, “For Panchito, one frozen banana,  for Joe, one mini Sunday,  and for one mickey mouse shaped ice cream for the duck”

                “Gracias,” Panchito said, he and Jose taking their frozen treats.

                “Obrigado meu amor.”

They settled into silence as they began to eat, leaning on the balcony, watching the crowd. After a minute Donald felt Jose’s eyes on him. “What? Do I have chocolate on my face?”

“No meu amor,” Jose chuckled, “but I couldn’t help but notice that you seem a little sad. What is wrong?”

Donald sighed, looking back up at the dark sky that would soon be lit up by fireworks. “I guess I’m just a little sad that the holidays are over and that tomorrow you guys will be going back to your homes and we’ll all be going back to our regular lives.”

“When have our lives ever been regular?” Panchito chuckled as Donald rolled his eyes. “You shouldn’t be so focused on the negative mi patito, just think of all the fun we had this holiday.”

“It has been a wonderful holiday,” Jose said with a smile, leaning his head against Donald’s shoulder.

“And just think what wonderful new adventures the new year will bring,” Panchito continued, a soft smile on his face.

“I just wish that there was more time,” Donald sighed. Suddenly the crowd made an excited sound and Donald looked at his watch. “Oh, time for the countdown… Ten…”

                “Nine!” the crowd echoed.









                “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” the crowd cheered. Donald was busy blushing as both Jose and Panchito leaned in and kissed him, the fireworks echoing across the sky.